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We're traveling the world, helping charities for free.

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It's great that you're here, we've got so many stories to tell. We are Ellis and Martijn and we're traveling the world on our never-ending honeymoon. In 2019 we are going to help 12 charities in 12 countries with visual storytelling and hope you'll join us.

With love, Ellis & Me
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It's time to leave West-Africa behind and go east. In Uganda we're going to help Joeboentoe to become even more amazing.

Good times!

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Welcome to our life! Ellis & me are traveling the world, meeting amazing people, and we are so excited you are here.

Find out more about our trip, and learn more about being your own shade of amazing.

Amazing people, inspiring stories.

Painting the stories of those we meet.

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Help charities




YWAM Mozambique

We're going to help YWAM in North Mozambique to find funds for their work.

Charities we've helped
so far.

We've helped four charities so far and are not done yet. Check out who we helped.

  1. Stichting Ibtisama
    in Morocco
  2. ML Foundation
    in Gambia
  3. Tertius Venter
    in Guinea
  4. Joeboentoe
    in Uganda
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Norway, Treana

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Norway, Treana

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Norway, Treana

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