Tales of a never-ending honeymoon

On May 12th 2018 Ellis & me started our biggest adventure ever. We got married. Now we're traveling the world and having a blast. Follow our stories and come with us.

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The Gambia

We're Going To The Gambia!

We're going to The Gambia to help the ML Foundation Gambia to fulfil their desire to help the kids of Brikama get a quality education. The fun thing is: founders Lenneke and Modou live in the town we're from.


Imsouane is a tiny slice of paradise

We never planned to end up in Imsouane, Morocco. We never plan anything (we should). But we drove into Imsouane on a sunny January day and Imsouane drove right into our hearts. What a place.


The Biggest Smile We've Ever Seen

Sometimes you meet people you know you're going to like right away. Flavio is one of those people. We met him in Tallinn, Estonia and even spent a couple of days crashing at his place.


Tallinn Nights, Better Days

Tallinn is a wonderful city. Due to the Estonian E-residency, people from all over are flocking to this town. That's how we ended up BBQ'ing with Americans, Spaniards and one Turkish guy.


Thank Tourists for the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Estonia was one of the first countries we visited on our never-ending honeymoon. We'd never been so far into the old Soviet Union and still finding remains of fear there was strange.


The Sound of Crabs

If crab fishing was an art then Ina would be Picasso. She taught us a thing or two about this Norwegian hobby. In the end, we caught three. She caught twenty five.


The Kids Are Alright

Our journey started in a place called Sogndalstrand, although they could've called it Valhalla. The sun was shining, the people even more so. Our never-ending honeymoon was underway.

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We are traveling the world on our never-ending honeymoon to tell the stories worth spreading. In 2019 we're going to help 12 charities in 12 countries.

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The Gambia
"You will be blessed when you come in and blessed when you go out."
Deuteronomy 28:6