Glacier in Nordtun, Norway 2018
Church in Theth, Albania 2018
Træna festival, Norway 2018
Hike in Duat, Albania 2018
Lake in Grøtvatnet, Norway 2018
Nord Norway 2018
Shepherd on top of the mountains, above the clouds. Dukat, Albania 2018
Nordtun, Norway 2018
Exploring National Park Jyväskilä, Finland 2018
Sunset at the coast of Juminda, Estonia 2018
Hike in Përmet, Albania 2018
Hot spring Benja Thermal Baths in Përmet, Albania 2018
Hike in Bogë, Albania 2018
Landscape view in Bogë, Albania 2018
National Park Jyväskilä, Finland 2018
Hike Gjirokaster, Albania 2018
Tjørnadalsfossen Waterfall, Norway 2018
Cotton gras in the wind. Arjeplog, Sweden 2018
Sunset in the mountains of Theth, Albania 2018