Portrait of an old lady wearing yellow sunglasses in Gunjur, the Gambia. Portraitphotography by Ellis photography.
Portrait of a lady in Gunjur, the Gambia.
Little african girl playing with water, being very cheerful. Ellis Photography
Little girl playing with water. Brikama, the Gambia.
Man standing in front of his brick oven. Masaka, Uganda.
Portrait of an orphanage boy on a swing with a big smile. Ellis and me in Uganda.
Orphanage boy on a swing with a big smile. Uganda.
Berber / Amazigh woman with her son on her back with a donkey on the backgrond. Photo by Ellis Photography.
Berber mother with her son on her back. Morocco.
African boy hiding from the rain. Rain drips visible on his face. Portrait by Ellis & me.
Boy hiding from the rain. Kyela, Uganda.
Portrait of a 90 old lady in her house. Kyela village, Uganda.
Portrait of a sweet little girl holding an orange. Photo by Ellis Photography.
Little girl holding an orange. Brikama, the Gambia.
Boy on the beach of Bubaque. Photo by Ellis & me.
Boy eating a cookie on the beach of Bubque, Guinea-Bissau.
Portrait of a mother holding her son. Kyela village, Uganda.
Portrait of a beautifl orphan girl in Uganda. HIV possitive. Ellis Photography
Orphan girl with a beautiful smile. Masaka, Uganda.
Big eyes looking into the camera. Sweet portrait of a girl by Ellis Photography
Looking into the eyes of a girl in Brikama, the Gambia.
Moroccon man making Moroccon whisky, sweet mint tea. Environmental portrait by Ellis & Me.
Rashid making Moroccon whiskey (sweet mint tea). Marrakesh, Morocco.
Albanian man holding a cock, rooster. Ellis photography
Man proudly holding his cock. Shkodër, Albania.
Man of the streets. Portrait of a homeless with a gray long beard. Ellis Photography.
Man of the streets. Tirana, Albania.