Ellis and me with a family with two kids in Mozambique.
Sometimes you don't expect to meet people, but what a blessing it was to stay with Jonny, Katherine and their kids. Mandimba, Mozambique.
Selfie with a view of lake Bunyonyi during susnet. Ellis and Me.
Sunset at Lake Bunyonyi where we finally camped again (Edirisa).
Ellis and me with Tertius Venter on Mercy ships in Guinee-Conakry.
Dr. Tertius Venter on Mercy Ships. Conakry, Guinea-Conakry.
View of Labé Guinee-Conakry. Ellis and me with their taxi drivers.
Our scooter taxi drivers who showed us a great view. Labé, Guinea-Conakry.
Own made lunch of Ellis&Me in Labé, Guinea-Conakry, Guinee-Conakry.
Lunch at a metal demolition. Labé, Guinea-Conakry.
Dusty faces of Ellis&Me and our Swedish friend. Labé, Guinee-Conakry.
After 5 hours waiting + a 10 hour bus drive on a dusty road full of holes + sleeping in the bus at the parking lot. Labé, Guinea-Conakry.
Ellis and me at the island Bubaque spending the day with 2 scandinavian friends on the beach.
A day on the beach of the island Bubaque, Guinee-Bissau.
Ellis & me in a 7 seater taxi in Senegal, with 6 other people.
Our first 7 seater taxi (in Senegal).
Juice bar man and Ellis&me in Gunjur, the Gambia.
Our new friends in Gunjur, the Gambia
Ellis and me with the hosts of their second charity, M&L foundation in Brufut Brusubi, The Gambia.
With Lenneke, Modou and Sarah from M&L foundation. Brufut Brusubi, The Gambia.
Ellisandme on the boat on the river Gambie, on our way to Banjul, The Gambia.
River Gambie, The Gambia.
Sunset and drinking tea in Marrakech with family visit of Ellis and me .
Drinking tea during sunset. Marrakech, Morocco.
Ellis and me having breakfast at Ait Ben Haddou, Morocco.
Breakfast in Ait Ben Haddou, Morocco.
Ellis & me with their hosts in Ait Talb, Morocco.
Ait Talb, Morocco.
Ellis&me at Kasbah, Kalaat Mgouna, Roses vally in morocco, with a beautiful sunset.
Susnet at Kasbah, Kalaat Mgouna, Roses Vally, Morocco
Sunset at our lovely guesthouse in Imsouane, Morocco, with Ellisandme.
Sunset out our geusthouse in Imsouane, Morocco.
Great view of Imsouane, Morocco with Ellis and me.
Imsouane, Morocco.
Ellisandme in Morocco with the great host Cous Cous of the Atlantic Hostel in Essouira.
Atlantic Hostel in Essaouira, Morocco.
Sunrise with Ellisandme and their Ford Focus car.
Our final hours with our Ford Focus, before giving it to the state. Thessaloniki, Greece.
Ellis and me with a view over Thessaloniki. Cloudy day.
Last day in Europe. Athens, Greece.
Jacqueline Kleinleugenmors visiting Ellis and me on a sunny day in Thessaloniki
Family visit, we love it! Thessaloniki, Greece.
Ellis and me with their new friends of the church in Thessaloniki and with Ben Verkaar, their friend.
Church of our friend Ben Verkaar in Thessaloniki, Greece.
Band photo of Ellisandme and their friend, posing on a rock with snow mountains on the back. Përmet Gjirokäster, Albania.
Our friend Bjorn Post joined us for a week and we loved it! We're not a band, but this is our band picture anyway. Përmet Gjirokastër, Albania.
Ellisandme on top of the mountain, after a serious climb in Përmet Gjiriokastër, Albania.
Përmet Gjirokastër, Albania.
Ellis&me with a good friend chilling in the Benja Thermal Baths. Low season, so not crowded. Përmet district of Albania.
Benja Thermal Baths. Përmet district, Albania.
Ellis and me with their friend having diner in front of a very cute restaurant in Gjirokäster, Albania.
Diner in Gjirokäster, Albania.
Friend of Ellis and me hiking in Dukat, Albania.
A hike in Dukat, Albania.
Ellisandme in front of a waterfall in Theth, Albania.
Waterfall in Theth, Albania.
Ellis & me with a group they met during the Theth to Valbona hike.
Valbona peak of the Theth to Valbona hike, Albania.
Albanian alps, mountains and Ellis and me.
Valbona peak, Albania.
On the top of the Valbona peak, Ellisandme having their lunch. Great mountains on the background.
Having our lunch at the valbona peak, in the Albanian Alps.
Ellis and me looking over the vally of Theth. Albanian Alps.
Look out over the valley of Theth, Albania.
Ellis and me with Albanian tourguides in front of their guesthouse in Theth, ALbania.
After the high season, it's time for tourguides to update their online tour information. Even though it was short, we enjoyed our time with these two!
The taxidriver of Ellisandme. On the bumpy road form Boge to  Theth with a view of the valley of Theth.
The man in the middel was our driver, who has been driving this difficult road for 13 years. The old man on the left invided us to stay with him. Albanian people are super friendly!
Lunch time for Ellis and me at the fields of Albania, with the mountains on the background.
Having our lunch/picnic close to where shepherds herding their sheeps. On our way to Bogë, Albania.
Ellis&Me having a drink at the Castellana restaurant in Petrovac, Montenegro
Sunset at restaurant Castellana in Petrovac, Montenegro.
Ellis and me enjoying the sunset in Petrovac Montenegro.
Sunset at restaurant Castellana in Petrovac, Montenegro.
A very romantic dinner with Ellis & Me with candle ligh, in front of their Ford Focus car at a parking lot in France.
Romantic dinner at a parking lot in France.
The parents of Ellis visiting Ellisandme in Mullerthal Luxembourg.
Parents of Ellis visiting us in Mullerthal, Luxembourg. Not just to bring the stuff that Ellis forgot ;).
Ellis&me visiting their friend Moira in Brussels.
Visiting our friend Moira in Brussels, Belgium.
Ellis and me with their friend Emmy in the back of a panel truck, hitch hinking in the rain in Hoeffalize, belgium.
With our friend Emmy, hitch hiking in a panel truck in Hoeffalize, Beglium.
A family picutre of Ellis&me and Martijn's family.
Visiting the family of Martijn on their holiday in Poperinge, Belgium. (This family picture is taken during our visit to Dunkirk, France.)
Ellis & me hiking in the Soomaa National Parc in Estonia.
Soomaa National Parc, Estonia.
Ellisandme having lunch and work in Jaunpils, Latvia
Lunch and work in Jaunpils, Latvia.
An American family living in Estonia who took Ellis&me in their home.
Family Vasquez in their home inTallinn, Estonia.
Flavio with his biggest smile, together with Ellis and me in Tallinn, Estonia.
FLAVIO :) Tallinn, Estonia.
Ellis&me on a boat coming back from an island, going to Helsinki, Finland.
On the boat in Helsinki, Finland
The shadows of Ellis and me, holding hands, in a tunnel
A tunnel in Helsinki, Finland.
The second family in Finland that took Ellisandme in their home.
Family that took us in their home for the weekend, Finland.
Ellis and me hiking on their way to camp in Jyväskilä, Finland.
Hiking in Jyväskilä, Finland
Ellis&Me with the first family in Finland that took us in their home.
First Family in Finland that took us in their home. Oulu, Finland.
Ellisandme enjoying the sunset over the ocean of Nortdung Norway.
Nortdung, Norway.
Taking a hike in Nordtung Norway. Ellis and me in northern Norway.
Nortdung, Norway.
Ellis&me in Norway, Grøtvatnet, camping at a lake. Ellis is making Dutch pancakes for breakfast and Martijn has a skype meeting for work, being a ditigal nomad.
Grøtvatnet, Norway.
Ellisandme in Norway enjoying the view of the beautiful road in Årdal.
Årdal, Norway.
Ellis and Me in Norway at the Tjørnadalsfossen waterfall.
Tjørnadalsfossen waterfall, Norway
Ellis and me with their favourite family in Sogndal Norway.
One of our favourite families! Sogndalstrand, Norway.
Ellis&me hiking with a sunset and the ocean on the background. Sokndal Norway.
Hiking with the sunset at Sogndalstrand, Norway.
Ellisandme camping at a cave close to the ocean with a fire and a full moon reflecting on the sea. Norway.
Camping at a cave in Sogndal Norway.
Wedding of Ellis and Martijn, dancing with their friends. De Ginkel in Leersum, The Netherlands
Our wedding day!! De Ginkel Leersum, The Netherlands.
She said yes! Engagement photography with sunsrise in Portugal.
Our engagement in Portugal.