We're Going To The Gambia!

We're actually doing this

We're going to The Gambia to help the ML Foundation Gambia to fulfil their desire to help the kids of Brikama get a quality education. The fun thing is: founders Lenneke and Modou live in the town we're from.

This all took place in
The Gambia

where we arrived onĀ 
Jan 31, 2019
and left for our next adventure on
Feb 23, 2019

The story

We never even knew it was called The Gambia and now we're going there. Isn't that crazy? We started this year with a desire to help twelve charities in twelve countries and little else. We didn't know where the road would bring us or who we'd meet. We surely didn't dream we'd meet someone who lives a ten minute bike ride from the house Martijn grew up in halfway around the world to help them build a nursery school.

Lenneke and Modou Manka are a Dutch-Gambian couple living in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands (yup, that's where I'm from) and they are the founders of the ML Foundation Gambia. The foundation started because the couple had been helping kids in the Brikama area to get ready to go to school for years, and after a while they decided to take it up a notch. What started as a dream became reality in 2017 and now the foundation is hard at work building a school building so the kids in Brikama can enjoy a good education the whole year round.

Next week Ellis and me are traveling to The Gambia to meet Lenneke and Modou and help them with their charity. Only time will tell what the output of our effort will be, but the ML Foundation Gambia expressed a strong desire to reach more entrepreneurs to sponsor their school and the teachers. So we could see ourselves setting up a campaign which could run online, even without us, to reach a larger audience in and easy way.

We know one thing for certain: we are super-excited! Not only to help Lenneke and Modou, but also to explore The Gambia, it's culture and to meet the wonderful people that call it home.

Lenneke and Modou, we're coming!